Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Viewing Of Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea started on the 9th of May on Channel 4; While many of my friends watched it I thought it would just be a English version of The Hills. where rich spoiled girls would get upset over two-timing handsome boyfriends, so I didn't tune in. Tonight I couldn't sleep so decided to watch it on 40D were I started with episode 1 of 3. Each episode which is about 48 minutes long each is exactly as I expected. I only got through episode 1 which got bored over very quickly; A girl named Amber Atherton who's a 19 year old entrepreneur(probably the only reason she is a entrepreneur at 19 is because her parents are rich and she asked daddy for the money to start her business) was having a party for her website she has jewelery for a ridiculous price); tbh this girl has a face you would want to slap. Then there was a boy named Spencer who's in love with Caggie (ridcious name) and hes got a Brazilian girlfriend who he lives with but he blows her off one night to watch Caggie sing and than after takes her out to dinner,which is so typical and something out of The Hills which is old news. I know some of the episodes are fake but its all so boring and the same thing on TV I prefer some excitement like Geordie Shore which I cant wait to watch. Anyways I will probably tune in every week to watch the spoiled girls of Chelsea and might enjoy it; Who Knows?

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